Indie Retro News: Yawoffa Commodore Amiga by Zooperdan / 18-10-2021 05:33    

While Zooperdan is best known for visiting dangerous dungeons with a +10 mace in his hand battling menacing creatures, or working on his own dungeon crawling website called Just recently however he's delved into a new area of gaming expertise and released a new game for the Commodore Amiga called yawoffa; A small word puzzle game requiring just Kickstart 2.x and 1mb chip ram (or greater).

According to the website : Yawoffa is a small word puzzle for the Commodore Amiga which plays much in the same way as other Wheel of Fortune games. Spin wheel, choose letters and solve words/sentences. The game not only features single player fun, but also up to 4 players of competitive play, 4 puzzle categories such as Amiga games, Movies, Famous people and Misc, but you can also make your own puzzles to be sent to Zooperdan to be included on the disk!

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