AROS One x86 v1.6 Realized !!! / 08-10-2021 12:15    

AROS One x86 v1.6 ISO DVD: Download[1]

AROS One x86 v1.6 USB Flash: Download[2] (To burn the USB image it is recommended to use the software
Rufus[3] or Etcher[4])

AROS One x86: New version of my Distribution based on the new Core by Deadwood, among the novelties a USB Flash App to Create Live Pendrive, App created by Paolone that I thank and modified by me to make it compatible on AROS One.

AROS One is now also distributed in the "Pendrive Image" format, once this image is burned on a 4GB or larger Pendrive it will allow you to recreate a Live USB that can be booted on all supported PCs and consequently install AROS on HD without the need for a DVD.

If you use a Pendrive larger than 4GB, the rest of the space will remain available as a second raw partition that can be formatted later on a PC in FAT32 and used as a data exchange between AROS One and other OSes.

Test Video:

AROS One x86 v1.6: Tutorial Video[5] (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

DualBoot AROS One / Win10: Tutorial Video[6] (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86 Installation on VMVare: Tutorial Video[7] (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86 Installation HD on VirtualBox: Tutorial Video[8] (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86 on PC Real Dell Inspiron Mini 910: Tutorial Video[9] (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

What's new in AROS One v1.6

- Abkviewer v0.06
- LoView v2.91
- AYA v06
- ComicOn v1.2
- Pintor Web v3.10
- Videntium Picta v2.45
- Horloge SDL
- SnapIT v1.5
- GrafX2 v2.5.1960
- Omanko v1.10
- Paste Quick v0.41
- InstallerLG v1.0.0beta2
- FontTester v1.10
- DiskImageGUI v52.34
- DosDrivers IPC0 and IPC1
- AutoActivate v1.11
- ZapperNG v1.2
- WBxCLI v0.6
- KGBArchGUI v02
- V.A.M.P. v2.30
- NTFS3G 53.4
- EXFAT v53.3
- ViewLHA v07
- Arlan v0.1
- UnRAR v6.02
- FrameBuild v.05
- PaperBox v1.1
- YAM v0.46
- Simplemail v4.6
- MCC_BetterString-11.36
- MCC_NList-0.128
- MCC_TextEditor-15.56
- MCC_TheBar-26.22

Update AROS One:
- New Zune Themes White, Gray colors
- 18 New Wanderer Themes (Backdrops, Skins Windows and Pointers)
- 4 OWB Themes
- Wanderer Icons (File Directory "Detail")
- New Disk Image Device Icons
- Theme for FrameBuild v.05
- New Zune Arc Icons images
- New Def_Icon for Workbench
- New Def_Icon for Simplemail
- Upadete config Dopus4

- Koules
- Soliton
- Tressette
- Amifish

- Acidwarp
- Jylam
- BoingDemo
- Hogwagen

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