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Hi all.

Georg Wittmann programmer of VirusZ are looking for some viruses to include into the new update of Xvs.library (External Virus Scanner Library), so if any one can help him out, please send them to me[1] so it can be included:

File 1:
Afort bootblock virus installer:
Archive name: vmk12.lha
File in archive: vmemkill, size: 3452 bytes
Link: Amiga Virus Encyclopedia[2]

File 2:
Georg have been looking for this virus for many years, at this time the only antivirus program that can find this linkvirus is 'VT-Schutz v3.17', and sadly the programmer Heiner Schneegold passed away in 2010, so we cant get it from him.

Virus name: GlobVec144 -Linkvirus
Virus size: 2440 bytes
Infection: Link behind first hunk
Link: Amiga Virus Encyclopedia[3]

Kind regards
Jan - Virus Help Team


  1. ^ please send them to me (
  2. ^ Amiga Virus Encyclopedia (
  3. ^ Amiga Virus Encyclopedia (, v0.95   |  Visits: 3399 (85 from real Amigas)